PEACH Slices


People and monuments in the history of St Michael’s Church

As part of our project work Rosemary Keele has researched the background of a number of people and monuments associated with the church.  Based on this research she has written a series of articles for our local magazine, the Brent Knoll News, under the title PEACH Slices.. 

The individual articles can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

Thomas Gilling – an account of the life of a friend of John Somerset

John Somerset – a brief account of the history of John Somerset

Edward Symes – Parish Surgeon who was buried beneath a table tomb in the 18th C

The Devil’s Door – churches often had a door built in the middle ages that let the Devil out of the infant who was being baptized

Church Lighting History – between candles and electricity the church was lit by acetylene gas

Green Men – a pagan symbol that represents fertility has been carved in wood in a number of places in our church

Baptistry Window – in 1973 a stained glass window was donated by an American lady to remember her brother 

Charles 2nd Plaque – a description of the origins of our royal coat of arms over the south vestry door

Charles Usher visit – a 90 year old ex Brent Knoll School pupil visited St Michael’s church and reminisced


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