Trees and shrubs

Our churchyard is situated on the northern edge of the village, and there is a small natural copse of trees that separates it from fields on the lower slopes of the Knoll.  This is mainly made up of sycamore and ash but there is one sizeable field maple by the gate onto the path to the Knoll.  Old photographs show that there were not many trees in the churchyard during late Victorian times.  However, there were some significant plantings made at the time and these have matured and we now have a magnificent beech tree that dominates the south western part of the churchyard, and a fine cedar to the north of the church. A solitary oak tree was probably planted in the middle of the last century, and there are at least a dozen yew trees around the church that have quite probably grown from seedlings from an old tree.


Yew Tree                                                                                                                              Field maple                                                                                                             Beech

Sadly trees die and have to be cut down. There was one conifer to the north of the church which started to lean and threatened the building if it was blown down. This was cut down in 2016 and the stump remains.  It provides us with a possible clue as to when it might have been planted because the ring count gives and age of 130 years.

Conifer stump

In 2005 a species rich hedge was planted along the north western boundary.  This was laid after ten years and is now trimmed back annually.  The blackthorn and hawthorn elements of this hedge lighten up the churchyard with their white flowers in the spring, and the autumn brings spindle berries, haws, sloes and hazelnuts.  We also have a number of garden shrubs planted around the churchyard, some of which are highly scented.

When you visit the church please make use of our Tree Trail leaflet.  This can be downloaded by clicking here. 

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